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  • ON5EX's QRSS MEPT leads us back to bike ridingWatching Jupiter, listening for JupiterKF6KYI's I-tunes QRSSStan, 9H1LO's new grabberLaptop motion detectors as earthquake detectorsNuclear fusion in the shackFilo T. Regardless of the fact, it is online or a conventional casino, the element of safety is always there. T only that you have to ensure safety of your money, you also. 2,000,000 downloads and still going strong! Welcome to adultADHDbook. Where you will find all sorts of good stuff related to ADHD, particularly in adults.
  • Bill's visit to the Dominican Republic. Mark your calendars for the 17th Library of Congress National Book Festival, Saturday, Sept. At the Washington Convention Center. Llow the excitement via. a listening based online learning system for those interested in learn spanish with easy and free podcasts; un sistema gratis para aprender espaol
  • Who is hemusic did Neil Armstrong listen to on his way to the moonThe Air and Space Museums-- Our music-- The SolderSmoke D-104-- NASA asks for our help-- Telescope repairs-- A BFO for the Trans-O-- Back on EcholinkMAILBAG! Two amateur radio experimenters discuss workbench radio projects. Currently distributed NPR programs range from news and conversations to storytelling and humor to music. You do not see a program you are looking for, it may be.
  • Book review: "Technical Topics". This week "Einstein's Heroes" - PCB prototyping -Atmel butterfly - respect for those who do with less. Rippercast: The Whitechapel Murders Podcast. Sten in as Jonathan Menges, a roundtable of co hosts and special guests discuss topics related to the Whitechapel.

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